For Mountain View Los Altos High School Board

 Success is collaborative. 

 Education is generational. 

On September 28th, I submitted the following video to Mountain View Los Altos DTA Forum.  

Why I'm Running

I am running for the Mountain View-Los Altos High School Board because I am committed to growing the work and efforts of MVLA by:

  • Increasing awareness and access to the preparation needed to pursue diverse postsecondary pathways for all students.

  • Addressing the social, emotional, and mental well-being of all students.

  • Providing early and deeper community outreach to support all students to successfully transition from middle school to high school.


All students deserve a quality education and access to diverse postsecondary pathways. I’ve spent the last 12 years working on closing the opportunity gap so that all students can leverage the resources available to them in their schools and community to achieve their postsecondary goals. My experience working with high school and college students along with my husband’s tenure at Mountain View High School as an English teacher have informed the opportunities I see possible for MVLA. It is our role to understand the different pathways students can take to achieve postsecondary success, to empower them to define their destination, and then prepare them for it. 


I’ve dedicated my career to student success and believe education is the key to generational success. I know my professional and personal experiences will provide a unique perspective that can enrich MVLA’s collaborative efforts to serve all students and our community.

BGCP Graduates (2012) pursuing 1 to 2 year postsecondary pathways
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BGCP Graduates (2015)
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BGCP Graduate (2019) scholarship recipient & UC Merced bound
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BGCP Graduates (2021) UCSC & UCLA Bound
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BGCP Graduates (2021) from Sequoia Union High School District
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BGCP Graduates (2019) community college students transferring to UC campuses.
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Candidate Statement

I am running for the Governing Board of the Mountain View-Los Altos District because as a first-generation, Latina, college graduate who attended California’s K-12 public schools, I know how critical they are in determining student success. Whether it’s career technical education, community college, four-year university, a gap year, military service, or the labor force, students need resources and choice. I will work to ensure our district is equipped with quality staff and programs that enable student success.


As Vice President of High School and Postsecondary Programs at Boys & Girls Clubs of the Peninsula (BGCP), I bring 12 years of experience helping students make college attainable so that they too can have the transformative experience I had at UC Berkeley. I’ve built community partnerships with families and public high schools that serve students holistically. As a nonprofit leader, I value financial sustainability as a driver for decision-making. My fiscally responsible decisions and Spanish fluency have enabled BGCP to scale programs. I will allocate financial resources responsibly, strengthen partnerships with Los Altos and Mountain View-Whisman School Districts, and expand outreach so all voices inform district goals. I  look forward to serving as a trustee with a unique perspective grounded in student success. 

Success is collaborative. Education is generational.